Don Conklin

“I am pleased to recommend Reev Rohter as an outstanding realtor. We sought Reev�s services after having our first realtor unsuccessfully try to sell our home for several months. We had to leave the state and Reev took over in this very slow market in 07, kept in good contact with us, and got our house sold for very close to our asking price.

Reev is very dedicated, hard working and knowledgeable. He really went to bat for us and I was especially impressed with the fantastic job he did helping to make sure the funding came through for us after our closing. In this market with the domino effect being more prevalent than ever, he stayed on top of our unusual situation which was quite stressful because the funding didn�t come through for several days as it should have.

I had spoken to a lawyer friend on mine who had a very poor opinion of real estate agents and was quite alarmed about our problem until Reev explained the situation to him and proceeded to work over-time for a couple of days until this very unusual situation was rectified. Thanks to Reev and his diligence we got our funding in time to close on our next house. My lawyer friend has a newly found admiration for at least one realtor now.


Don Conklin”

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